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My 5 Favorite Foods to Enjoy in Bed

If you’ve taken even a fleeting glimpse at my Twitter, you know that one of my love languages is food! All jokes aside, I love to eat and savor the connection that a delicious meal can create. But, if you’ve got only time for a snack, I’m a firm believer that it’s best enjoyed relaxing in bed.

Food, like music, is a universal experience that can bring us together in ways nothing else can. It should be no surprise then that it can be a fun way to explore and build relationships in and outside of the bedroom. But, what foods are best suited for an intimate encounter? While your imagination is the only limit, I tend to stick with a few tried and true favorites:

  1. Whipped Cream - Ah, the most obvious answer. While it may seem vanilla, whipped cream is an easy and fun way to incorporate food into your playtime. Although any variety will do, skip the tub of Cool Whip and grab the can of Reddi Whip for the best experience. Portable, simple to apply, and delicious to eat, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy this treat with (or off of) your partner!

  1. Chocolate Syrup - Can you tell I have a sweet tooth? Like whipped cream, this is another convenient condiment to use on your partner. If you feel especially adventurous, change up the flavor with caramel, peanut butter, or any other bottled syrup. The slightly sticky aftermath will leave you remembering the tasty fun had between the sheets.

  1. Fruit - I’m leaving this one open to your creativity. Strawberries tend to be the classic sensual fruit, but grapes or other berries are good substitutes. While bite-size fruits tend to be the simplest option, go bananas (literally) with any fruit you enjoy!

  1. Ice - Not for the cold-natured or extra-sensitive lovers, ice can create a wonderful contrast to the warmth of your mouth and skin. Try rubbing ice on your partner before gently kissing them to get the most out of this sensation. Or, put an ice cube in your mouth as you kiss her all over. It’s sure to leave her shivering with pleasure and begging for more.

  1. Hot Sauce - For the adventurous among us, this is a literal way to spice up your sex life. While I’m no connoisseur of this, a drop of hot sauce on your tongue before a kiss or teasing lick can certainly heat things up! Test out different varieties to find your favorite but be warned, this is one time it’s best to start mild!

Whatever food you choose to share with your partner, keep the tone light and playful. If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself laughing at the ticklish sensations or silly moments that are sure to accompany any boudoir snack. Where food is shared, fun is sure to follow!

What are your favorite bedroom bites? Leave an idea or your favorite food memory below to expand my palate!

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