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Birthday Sex

Yeah, I know, it's so cliché but isn't it what we all really want for our birthday?

You've showered me with gifts, taken me to a delicious meal, spoiled me with your affection and we're finally ready to call it a night. My hand rests on your leg under the table as you sign the bill, slowly sliding just a little farther north to hint at what I have in mind. A small smile plays on my lips as I catch your eye with a naughty glance.

At last, you take my hand and pull out my chair, helping me to my feet. The feeling of your touch on the small of my back as you walk me to the car sends an anticipatory shiver through me. I melt into the smooth, cool leather of the seats as you help me in and my gaze follows your form as you walk around to the driver’s side.

My hand immediately returns to your thigh as you take a seat, only higher this time. I can feel the warmth of your hardening cock through the fabric and it excites me. As the engine turns on, so do I.

We drive, reminiscing about the evening all the while knowing it's merely a small talk unrelated to what's really on our minds. A tingle begins between my legs and grows with every moment until my pussy is throbbing, begging for your touch. I subconsciously spread my legs slightly as if to hint at my need for relief.

My fingers find the button of your waistband and I struggle for a moment to undo it. When I succeed, the zipper also comes free, and at last, your hard length springs out. I palm it through your boxers that are already wet with precum then grip it gently. Working your shaft, I reach down and cup your balls. They hang heavy, full of cum and the thought of it filling me instantly makes me dripping wet.

Seeing how badly I need your cock, you pull to the side of the road just as I slip you through the fly of your boxers and into my mouth. You taste so good as I inhale the musky scent of your pheromones. I suck slowly at first, struggling to reach across the console before finding a way to take you fully into my throat. Your balls press against my lips as I feel your hand slip between my legs. I moan in pleasure at your touch, spreading wide to give you access to my pulsing clit.

I'm sucking harder and faster, driven by my own need for relief as I feel your fingers slip inside me. Instantly, I begin to contract around them, on the brink of an orgasm. I'm desperately writhing against your hands, all the while my lips never leaving your length. The rich saltiness of your precum hits my taste buds, sending me over the edge and I tremble as I climax around your fingers, soaking them as I do.

“Oops..” I mumble sheepishly before returning my attention to your now pulsing cock. My hand is sliding up and down your shaft as I gently suck your balls then return my tongue to the tip, teasing you with a swirling motion.

“More,” you whisper and my throat widens to accommodate your full length. I'm so horny beyond words, continuing to grind on you as I can sense an orgasm approaching for us both. You have two digits in me now and your thumb circles my clit just the way I like, pushing back the swollen hood.

At last, together we explode into a moaning heap of pleasure. My body quivers as I cum again, harder this time while your warm release fills my mouth. I manage to remain around your girth as I swallow almost every delicious drop. I carefully sweep up the few escaping morsels with my forefinger and lick it clean greedily.

As I sit up, our eyes lock and a naughty smile crosses my face. “You’ve always been my favorite flavor of birthday cake,” I whisper. “Do you think there'll be any leftovers for breakfast in bed?”

Rebuckling your pants, you nod as I sink back into the passenger seat, spent and satisfied. “Good,” I reply with a happy sigh, placing my hand on yours as you shift the car back into drive.

“Did you get everything you were hoping for on your birthday?” you ask with a knowing grin. “Yes, and more,” I answer, closing my eyes in bliss. It's another year of life kicked off with the best kind of celebration, and, for that, I am grateful.

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