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A Website User Guide for Companions and Suitors

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

What a title. I know I probably lost you with all those buzzwords but stay with me…

Those who follow me on Twitter or have checked out my website have probably realized what a marketing nerd I am. It's true. I LOVE learning about what motivates our behaviors and how to use that to connect with my suitors!

For most in the adult industry, a website is the best method for sharing information. Whether it's giving gents a one-stop-shop for everything they need to know about you or providing extra verification that you're legit, a website is essential for our business. Let's look at some of the best ways one can be used for both SW and admirers.

Control Your Brand

Even though it's the oldest profession, SW has also been the target of regulation and suppression since the beginning of time. Most platforms are, at worst, completely intolerant of the adult industry or, at best, highly restrictive of what we can post. As more and more payment processors are not allowing use for adult services, platforms are following suit and removing users who post X (or even R-rated) content. Recently, has removed accounts that included links to "inappropriate" content. Instagram is famously unfriendly to SW, and even Twitter frequently closes accounts without warning.

Your website is your place to provide your content and information on your terms. Of course, it is advisable to use discreet language to avoid incriminating yourself, but a website can showcase your personality and best qualities. Post your pictures, bio, thoughts, and whatever else you want suitors to know!

Social Proof

This benefits both companions and suitors. Some online presence is practically expected just to prove you're a real person in this day and age. This extends to our industry as well.

While a website is in no way required to be successful in SW, it can help, especially when you're just getting started. Few scammers take the time to set up a website, much less make sure the details are correct. If the pictures and information in ads align with your website, this is a good indicator you are legit. Suitors should also take note of this as it is a great way to quickly separate the fakes from true professionals.

Your One-Stop-Shop

A website is a time-saver for all parties involved. A good one should be straightforward so that you can refer clients there to find what they need. It should also be comprehensive enough to answer your most common questions.

Suitors, this is your opportunity to get to know us a bit for FREE! Browse around, and get a feel for your companion's looks and personality. Taking a few minutes to read the site of the SW you are planning to see can help you know what to expect, save potential awkwardness, and start to build anticipation for your date.

Best Practices

I know, another corporate title (forgive me, I'm square). A website should, above all, make things easier for both SW and suitors. A few things to remember to ensure this is the case:

  • Companions: Don't overcomplicate things. Keep your website easy to navigate, and don't put unnecessary information on it. Remember, less is usually more (especially when it comes to text).

  • Companions: Try to select a SW-friendly domain registrar and/or hosting provider. Due to the legality of this industry in the US, it is often preferable to use offshore hosting when possible.

  • Suitors: Get in the habit of checking your companion's site often. If you see the same provider regularly, take the time to check out her site monthly or at least quarterly. Things like rates and policies can change frequently, and being on top of this shows just how much you care.

  • Everyone: Have fun! For those who, like me, tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, it can sometimes feel impossible to get your website just right. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, do what you can. Allow your personality to shine through, and your connections will flourish. Suitors, grant us a bit of grace if you notice a mistake. Focus on enjoying what is available and learning about your date!

What do you think of companion websites? Let me know what you find most useful or enjoyable below!

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