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A Rainy Rendezvous

April showers bring….well, if you're anything like me, an unyielding desire to curl up under the covers and melt into my lover's arms. Spring rains are rarely warm even as the days grow balmy and the sunsets later. They are the perfect opportunity to crack open the bedroom window just enough to allow the soothing sound of raindrops to lull us to sleep or the raging of a storm to keep the tempo of our bodies coming together in a moment of pure desire. So, follow me into my boudoir this spring….

You take my hand, pulling me close between your parted knees, your hands exploring, then gripping my waist as our lips meet at last. My hair blows around us, tickling our cheeks as I kiss you, gently at first, then hungrily, as my desire cannot be satiated. Pulling you close, my hands rub up against your chest, around your neck, and into your hair. I'm breathless, desperate for just a little more of your touch, your taste, your everything.

In one easy motion, you untie my robe and pin my arms behind my back. You pull away from my kiss, teasing me as I lean toward what I want but can't reach. I bite my lip, pouting at your antics as you release my arms, and I'm free again to fall into your embrace. Our lips again come together magnetically as if drawn to each other by an invisible force. My hands run up your thighs and to your waistband, where I eagerly undo your belt and pants, reaching inside to palm your length. I let out a squeal of anticipation as your hardness meets my hand.

A warm, wet sensation spreads from my belly to between my legs, burning stronger as I feel your hands slowly move down my back and ass, pulling me atop your lap. I'm straddling you, quickly undoing your shirt buttons and pulling it off, desperate for the sensation of your skin on mine. You simultaneously pull my slip over my head, and our bodies meet at last. My tits are pressed against your chest as I grind my dripping pussy into your thigh and crotch.

Our moans mix together as, in one motion, you lift me up and throw me down on the bed with animalistic passion. You're tripping on your pants as I struggle to pull them off without breaking our kiss.

At last, my hand finds its target: your hard, thick member, and elicits a sigh of relief from me. I'm stroking it gently, then wantingly, pulling you between my parted thighs. You resist my silent pleas, remaining just beyond the cusp of my throbbing pussy while indulging me in a deep, passionate kiss.

Finally, you lean in, giving me just the tip at first, then a little more. Together, our breath catches as we savor the sensation as you slowly slip fully inside me. I'm trembling as you start to thrust. I wrap my legs around your waist and cling to your shoulders, begging you not to stop. You're sliding in and out as I feel myself begin to contact around you as an orgasm builds. A few more strokes, and I'm cumming before I even realize it, nails digging into your skin as I moan in ecstasy.

Before the sensation ceases, you lift me off the bed and carry me to the wall, holding me up as you continue to indulge me with your thick cock. Your muscles bulge under my grip, and the slightly rough wall against my back perfectly contrasts the pleasure enveloping the rest of my body. You're thrusting furiously as both our breathing becomes labored.

At last, you set me down, bending me over the bed to take me from behind as you grow closer to climax. My face is buried in the duvet, simultaneously moaning and begging for more, your left hand in my hair and your right around my throat. I'm cupping your balls as I cum again, legs shaking as I cry out, "I need you to fill me." My words send you over the edge, and your cock twitches inside me as I feel your warm cum hit my pussy. My walls are still contracting from my orgasm, milking every drop from your body as I feel your legs quiver just slightly.

As you explode, your grip on me loosens to a protective embrace. Our sweaty bodies separate slightly as you pull out, and I turn to kneel before you. Taking your member gently in my mouth, I'm met with the exquisite taste of our combined juices. I hungrily lap up every drop, worshiping the cock that just filled me with pleasure.

Laying back on the bed in your arms, the slight wetness between my legs feels deliciously naughty as we catch our breath. Without saying a word, we both know what the other is thinking, our minds drifting off to a state of post-coital bliss.

As if remembering the outside world's existence, I shiver just a little as a misty breeze from the window hits my skin. Snuggling into your strong, warm embrace, I let out a satisfied sigh and close my eyes. Safe and protected, I doze off as I feel you relax into me. After all, we have to renew our strength for later - we won't be leaving this bed or each other's arms until the rain passes.

Will those arms be yours? Let me know below or ask me out for an April afternoon tucked away now.

*The above describes a fictional encounter. Please keep in mind that fees for my companionship are provided in exchange for my time only.

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