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10 Questions With Sara

My vision for this blog is that these posts will help you learn more about me. What better way to do this than through an adaptation of the game, “20 Questions”?

Over the past week, I’ve asked for questions on Twitter and appreciate the inquisitive and insightful submissions* you’ve shared. Without further ado, my answers:

1. How long does it take you to be ready for a date?

I’m honestly a pretty low-maintenance gal. Actually, preparing for a date usually takes me 30-45 to shower, dress, and style my hair and makeup. I ask for 4 hours minimum notice to allow me to reserve a location, travel to it, and prepare it for your arrival. It also gives me a chance to calm my butterflies of anticipation.

2. Beach or mountains if you had to choose one?

This is a tough one as I like both. I’d have to say beach if I can only pick one, as I enjoy warm weather and the relaxing, casual vibe.

3. What’s it like for you when meeting a new client?

I absolutely love meeting new suitors but do get anxious (in a positive way) before a first date. I try to make sure everything is perfect, and I have taken into account any special requests I’ve received. Making a date special through personalized touches is the best! As soon as I open the door and see a smiling face, my nervousness fades into excitement for the wonderful time that lies ahead!

4. Why don’t you do massages?

I don’t offer massages because I don’t have training in this area and don’t feel I have the skill to provide an exceptional experience.

5. How do you feel about seeing older men (60-70)?

I love seeing gentlemen of all ages and have suitors ranging from 18 to 80+. Age is but a number!

6. Sweet or unsweetened ice tea?

I’m from the north, so I don’t quite see the allure of sweet tea. I prefer unsweetened, but my favorite is an Arnold Palmer (half lemonade and half iced tea) made with unsweetened tea.

7. How did you get into the business? What’s your favorite aspect of it?

I discussed my entry into the world of companionship in my last blog and invite you to read my story here. My favorite aspect of what I do is meeting people I would otherwise never cross paths with and creating lasting connections. To me, time spent together is the greatest gift.

8. Do you like pineapple on pizza?

Although I’m not a huge fan of it, I don’t mind it. Aside from anchovies, there are no pizza toppings I absolutely won’t eat, and I usually just pick off any I don’t prefer. My favorite topping is pepperoni only.

9. What was it like starting right before COVID hit the US?

I actually see the timing of my start as a positive because I don’t know what the industry was like pre-COVID. I quickly adapted to the (from what I hear) changing way of how things are done due to the pandemic. It has also forced me to be creative and explore avenues of this business I otherwise might not have, like online offerings,

10. How did you get/pick the name “Sara Fairfax”?

I already had adopted the name “Sara” while sugar dating and decided to keep it when I became a companion as I already had several online accounts set up with it. I also like that it is an unassuming name that fits my girl-next-door personality.

I chose the last name “Fairfax” because I wanted something easy to spell and remember, so I picked it from a list of common last names. Unfortunately, I wasn’t familiar with the fact that there is a Fairfax, VA, and sometimes people get confused by it and think that is where I am located.

Interestingly, after having the name for some time, I was told by a friend about Sally Fairfax, the famous girlfriend of George Washington. I wish I had known this when I picked my name, as I would have gone with that if only for the backstory!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these questions and answers, and I look forward to doing more of these posts if I get more questions. Comment yours below!

*Questions are taken verbatim from Twitter comments with minor editing for grammar and readability. Explicit questions are excluded for discretion.

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